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Dana Jacobs Photography

Dana captured my most intimate and raw moments and gifted me with the most beautiful and vivid memories. Memories that immerse me in every aspect and emotion of that snippet in time. Her work is not just photographs, it is living timepieces.
— Kristen | Worden, IL


Looking through my daughter’s birth story allows me to relive the most empowering day of my life. Sure I will always remember the moment I met my baby, but now I get to see it. And I get to see all the things I missed while I was busy working so hard. The undivided support my husband gave me and the way he looked at me the moments after our baby arrived, my very close friends with tears of happiness in their eyes, my supportive mother playing with my 4 year old in the room next to me. My strength. Dana’s photos take me right back to those moments. Her first breath, her first cry, our first touch, first latch. Makes me melt all over again!
— Leslie | Maplewood, MO
birth photographer captures the joyful moment mama finds out she had a boy baby

Why Choose Birth Photography?

You might be wondering if birth photography is right for you. Maybe you’ve never heard of it, but you’re intrigued. Maybe you love looking at other people’s birth images, but you aren’t sure if you want another person in your birth space - let alone taking pictures. Maybe you are all for documenting this momentous life event, but your partner isn’t totally on board with hiring a birth photographer. If any of these apply to you, or you have other questions about how it all works - What if I go into labor in the middle of the night? When do you come to my place of birth? What if things don’t go according to my birth plan? - I’m here to answer your questions. Here’s a link to my FAQ. And, of course, feel free to contact me to set up a consult where I can answer all of your questions and ease any concerns.

A beautiful story of a birth that didn't unfold as planned...

Dana has not only the poise and creativity of a professional photographer, but she brings a special presence to the birthing space. As a midwife, I see many birth photographers. Dana is unique in her ability to be there and then blend in. She brings a comforting and affirming touch or word at appropriate times. She respects the space of the birthing family and the attending staff, while still getting amazing shots. She seems to intuitively know when to blend in, and when to step up. She is calm, quiet, and reverent of the birthing space. She is both gifted creatively, and intuitively.
— Jen Jester | Midwife |
At the birth of my daughter, she was there taking photos but also was helping when needed and always saying the right things or giving a warm smile when I needed it. She blended in beautifully to where I did not feel like the photos being taken were a distraction to my birth in any way. I recently received my pictures and was absolutely blown away. She is so talented and captured the experience in the most beautiful way.
— Brooke | Byrnes Mill, MO

Hi! I'm Dana. As a birth photographer and filmmaker in St. Louis, MO, it is such an honor to have the opportunity to capture some of the most important moments in a family’s story. I love being there to document your biggest transformational moments - like welcoming a whole new person into your lives when your baby is born - as well as all the beautiful ordinary moments in between. I have loved photography since I was a little kid carrying around an old 110 film pocket camera. But it was the birth of my own daughters that led me to pursue birth photography. Having experienced the empowerment of giving birth, I have developed an incredible appreciation for the unfolding of each individual birth story and love nothing more than documenting the strength and support that gets your baby into your arms.