This is a selfie of Dana Jacobs, is a St. Louis based birth and family photographer and videographer.

5 facts about me.

ONE. I’m an extrovert. And a homebody. I feel so cozy hanging out at home (usually at my desk editing photos or videos) under a blanket. I don’t want to leave. If someone invites me out - either for one-on-one, small group hangs, or a party or an event, I have a hard time convincing myself to go. But then I DO go, and I end up feeling totally recharged and so glad I left the house. Moral of the story: invite me out. Save me from myself!

TWO. I have a terrible memory. I've grown to accept this about myself and consider it a sign that I'm good at living in the moment. I'm so Zen. Even so, I think this is a big part of why photography is so important to me. When I see a picture of my daughter as a toddler wearing that one dress that she wanted to wear every single day, and I realize that I'd forgotten about it completely until that image made the memory flood back, I am so grateful to have the mundane moments of my life recorded for my future self. The self who is going to forget it all until that photograph does what my brain cannot. Remember stuff.

THREE. I'm married to a magician. He's been doing magic since he was eight years old, but recently decided to start his own business and turn his passion into his career. He does really amazing close-up magic for adults and he even created a super fun and silly character for his kid's magic called Chef Bananas (check him out at www.chefbananas.com). I had no idea when I married him nearly 7 years ago, that one day I'd be a magician's wife. But I also didn't know that we'd be cheering each other on as we follow our individual and collective dreams. I'm super inspired by him every single day.

FOUR. I have two daughters. My oldest is 5, and I delivered her in a hospital. My youngest is 2.5, and I gave birth to her in a blow up pool in my dining room. Both births were transformational for me, as I believe most birth experiences are. I truly believe that birth is the most beautiful and sacred of all occasions. There is nothing more intense and incredible than the moment that new life enters this existence. It is my greatest honor to witness and document those moments for families. 

FIVE. Being a photographer -- and in particular, a birth photographer -- is the first job I've ever done in which I didn't feel like a fraud. I'm always learning and growing and, hopefully, getting better at my craft. That's actually something I really enjoy -- that there's always something up ahead to work toward. But when I'm documenting real, authentic moments for people, I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. And I'd love to be there with you.