More kind words from people I've worked with...

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. Most importantly thank you for being such a supportive person at our birth. I can’t explain how much I appreciate your encouragement and help through the day! Couldn’t have had a better photographer to share our birth with!
— Rachel
I just keep going wow, wow, wow, these are incredible!!! Dana, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for going above and beyond!
— Becky
Dana has not only the poise and creativity of a professional photographer, but she brings a special presence to the birthing space. As a midwife, I see many birth photographers. Dana is unique in her ability to be there and then blend in. She brings a comforting and affirming touch or word at appropriate times. She respects the space of the birthing family and the attending staff, while still getting amazing shots. She seems to intuitively know when to blend in, and when to step up. She is calm, quiet, and reverent of the birthing space. She is both gifted creatively, and intuitively.
— Jen Jester,
Looking through Nevada’s birth story allows me to relive the most empowering day of my life. Sure I will always remember the moment I met my baby, but now I get to see it. And I get to see all the things I missed while I was busy working so hard. The undivided support my husband gave me and the way he looked at me the moments after our baby arrived, my very close friends with tears of happiness in their eyes, my supportive mother playing with my 4 year old in the room next to me. My strength. Dana’s photos take me right back to those moments. Her first breath, her first cry, our first touch, first latch. Makes me melt all over again!
— Leslie
The photos from June’s party are amazing! So, so beautiful! I just love this! There are so many different expressions that you were able to catch on everyone’s faces. I felt so at ease knowing you were there capturing all of the moments I’d like to hold onto! Thank you so much!
— Allison
We absolutely love our maternity/family photos! I felt like I wanted to click favorite on every one of them! Thank you so much for capturing our joy and love and fun!!!
— Becky
Huge thank you to Dana Jacobs Photography for our awesome pictures! I wanted to try something a little different and absolutely love love love her documentary style. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out!
— Sarah
Becoming a father was something that I’ve always wanted to be for as long as I can remember. I know that isn’t the “norm” for a lot of men out there but it was for me. So when my wife asked me if I’d be cool with having a home water birth I was super excited about it because I knew that I’d play a major role in bringing our daughter into the world. I wanted to be there for every single part of the process and do everything possible to help. Then she asked if we could document the experience and hire a photographer. Of course I said yes. We met with Dana and instantly felt a connection and super comfortable because Dana herself had experienced a home birth. When the big day arrived on February 11 2018 and my wife’s water broke at 7am Dana was the first one to arrive at our house instantly giving us help and support along with capturing moments that often get forgotten in the chaos of having a baby. Throughout the 15+ hours of labor and delivery and even further into the night and early morning Dana was there for every second capturing special moments that we as a family will pass on to our daughter and enjoy for a lifetime to come. The images and video she took move me. They remind me of how strong my wife is for doing what she did and how truly special the experience was to go through. If you as an expecting father are second guessing if you need someone there to document something like this... Don’t. It’s worth every single penny. The images she captured are priceless and besides making the choice to actually have a baby making the choice to have Dana document it was one of the best moves we as a family ever made.
— Jack Fechter
Thank you! Your presence at births is always appreciated. You bring so much along with the beautiful moments you so perfectly capture!
— Julie Guttman, Circle of Life Midwifery Saint Louis
Oh my gosh I LOVE them all. Thank you so, so, so much! This was seriously a great experience. I love that you caught all of these weird things that my kids are into like sweeping and throwing away trash and somehow made it all look so good. I can’t wait to do this again.
— Sarah